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Artikel Dosen Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM

    Penulis: Latif Nuriyawan,
    Nama Media: - Jenis Media: Jurnal
This paper discusses the indigenous religion of the Ammatoans of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It will specifically focus on the Ammatoan ritual, called pallappasak (releasing vows). Pallappasak is one of indigenous practices, not unique to Ammatoans, but shared by some other indigenous peoples of Sulawesi. It has been viewed by scholars as animistic (in Tylorian sense) practice: vows are to worship spirits inhabiting “natural” beings, but this paper, drawing insights of Irving Hallowell (1960/75), ...

    Penulis: Prof. Dr. Hartono, DEA, DESS.
    Nama Media: Prosiding - Jenis Media: Lainnya
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